March 9-13

Praying for your health and safety for you and your loved ones!

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Frozen JR. Play
We were lucky enough to get a preview Frozen Jr. this week.  It was wonderful.  The children were absolutely memorized.  They sang along to every song.  I can't wait until I am sitting in the audience watching the class of 2031 preform.

This week we to get ready for Frozen Jr. we painted pictures for our favorite characters.

   Rainbow Fun Our little ones love building all kinds of rainbows in class.  Maybe we will get to see real one soon.

Rainbow Pasta Fun

Germs Let have fun catching germs and washing them away.  This week we made our own soap.  Played a game to catch the   germs.

March 2-6

This week we learned about Rainbow.
We built with rainbow sticks.

We worked new rainbow lesson.

We made a rainbow out of gears.
We danced to "Some where our the Rainbow" with our rainbow sticks.

We made rainbow art.
Read across America  Thank you Upper Darby firefighters for coming to read to us!!!!!!

3/8 Don't for get to set your clocks ahead on Sunday 3/9 - 3/13 Letter  as in  3/6 Re-enrollment forms are due 3/23-3/27 Spring Break
Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the great weather!

February 24-28

Community Day Community day is a day where the whole school comes together to learn, play, and even dance together.  The focus of this community day was to celebrate Black History Month.  We danced to great music from Louis Armstrong.  We colored pictures of great black Americans like Maya Angelou.  We even played a game of  red light, green light in honor of  Garrett Morgan who invented the traffic light.

Mardi Gras We had a parade with Mrs. Clay to celebrate Mardi Gras! Oh when the Saints go marching through the hall of HCA.

Teeth This week we continued to talk about how to care for our teeth. We talked about healthy foods as a treat for our teeth. We glued pictures of healthy food and not so healthy foods to happy and sad teeth. We learned how to cut up bananas as a healthy treat.  We learned how to clean and peel carrots as a healthy treat.  We also looked at different animals teeth.  We even painted with tooth brushes last Friday.

Work Time Look at our little workers go!  
Knobbed …

February 17-21

Random Act of Kindness

We were so lucky to have picked Mrs. Devenney's Class
as our special friends to show kindness too. I read one of my favorite books, "The monster at the end of this book.”
We then had a little play-doh fun with Nursery 3.   What a great time! It is also a good way to show the children in Nursery 2 what is next for them when they go to Nursery 3.

We were then gifted an act of kindness from our fabulous 4th graders.  They came down to our classroom to read books with our children. They were paired up and off they went on their reading adventure!  I was so impressed at how wonderful the 4th graders were with our Nursery 2s. They are such good readers!!!