February 17-21

Random Act of Kindness

We were so lucky to have picked Mrs. Devenney's Class
as our special friends to show kindness too. I read one of my favorite books, "The monster at the end of this book.”
We then had a little play-doh fun with Nursery 3.   What a great time! It is also a good way to show the children in Nursery 2 what is next for them when they go to Nursery 3.

We were then gifted an act of kindness from our fabulous 4th graders.  They came down to our classroom to read books with our children. They were paired up and off they went on their reading adventure!  I was so impressed at how wonderful the 4th graders were with our Nursery 2s. They are such good readers!!!  

February 10-14

February 29 Annual auction  Our secret auction project is almost done!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Thank You I want to thank you for making sure that your children we prepared for this week.  Letter bag, tooth brushes, and Valentines.  This week was great thanks to your support!!!!!!
Teeth The children loved brushing their teeth at school.   We are learn that our we need to keep our healthy and clean and brush the germs away.

Letter of the Week This past week we worked on the letter "t", which matched up so well with brushing our teeth.  Our letter next week will be the letter "c." 
Music  This is a group of children who love music. I can't wait to see their musical abilities grow through the years here at HCA.  Will they play an instrument, join the choir, be part of the hand bell, or sing in our yearly play production?
Cooking  This week we made s…

February 3-7

Please don't forget to send in a toothbrush and tooth paste with your child this Monday, February 10.  We will be brushing our teeth each day after snack.  We will only be brush or teeth from the 10th through the 13th.

Stone Soup 
At long last we were able to eat our stone soup!  The children loved it.  Some even had more than one bowl.  Thank you again for sending in you contrabutions.
Teeth We are learning about our teeth this week and next week.  "My what big teeth you have Ms. Kerno!"
Color Cylinders  We have started our color cylinders.  The purpose of this material is to develop the child's visual perception  of dimension.  It provides experience in comparison and grading.  This is an is all preparing them for more math skill.  They also are using their fine motor skill and are working on balance.

Gross Motor Day Balance is a skill 2' and 3's are really developing at this age.  We had fun walking on our floor balance beam and our 6 inch balance…

January 27-31

Reminder we will be making our Stone Soup on Monday.  If you have not sent in your vegetable yet please remember to do so on Monday.  We will not be eating our soup until Wednesday.  It takes all day to cook in the crock pot.  It will not be a main meal but just a snack.  We will have our regular lunch later that day.
Work Time  I am so proud of how well the children are working in the classroom.  They have come so far since September. I can't wait to see what they will be like by June. Pink Tower 
Number Rods  Knob Cylinders

Community Time HispanicHeritage Celebration We had full learning about Hispanic culture through music, art , play, and stories.

New Balls We are having so much fun playing with our new balls outside.  They weather has been so nice this week we have made it outside everyday!!

Valentine Day Sensory bottles help calm us down throughout the day.
Letter of the week